Your home

When you are offered a home

What happens when you're offered a home, including rent and first payment.

Tenancies and your rights

Types of tenancies and your rights as a tenant.

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a tenant and what happens if you break the rules of your tenancy agreement. Plus information on private landlords.

Moving home

Information about things to think about before you move home.

Keeping your home warm during winter

Advice on how you can help to keep your home warm during winter.

Keeping pets

Information about keeping pets in your rented property.

Ending your tenancy

Information about what to do if you're thinking about ending your tenancy with us.


What a leaseholder is, your lease and rights, buying and selling your leasehold and more.

Lettable standards

Information about our lettable standards, and what to expect when you are offered a property with South Tyneside Homes.

Right to Buy scheme

About the Right to Buy scheme, including eligibility and how to apply.

Boiler, heating and hot water

Read our advice on using your boiler, and what to do if you're having a problem with your boiler, heating or hot water.

Smoke alarms and fire safety

Guidance on fire safety, what you should do to stay safe and advise for high-rise, Housing Plus and independent living flats.


Apply to rent a garage, pay your garage rent, who can apply, restrictions and ending your garage tenancy.

Energy bills

Help with your energy bills, including what to do if you're unhappy or confused about your energy bill and more.

Home loss compensation

Information about home loss compensation, including how much you'll get, receiving the payment, making a claim and more.

Garden tidy service

South Tyneside Homes can offer one-off or regular basic gardening work.

Gas servicing

How to make an appointment to get your gas appliances serviced, and what happens on the day of the appointment.

Bins, rubbish and recycling

Information about bins, rubbish and recycling.

Home safety

Fire safety, asbestos, door entry and CCTV, electrical and gas safety, home insurance and water safety.

Damp, mould and condensation

Find out information about damp, mould and condensation, tips on how to prevent and treat these issues and how to report cases to us.

Who is my Housing Officer?

Find your area's housing officer and their contact details.

Our asset management principles

View our asset management principles document to find out how we're working towards providing management and monitoring of assets.